Simulation centre


largest civil construction simulator center in the southern hemisphere

Civil Train in South Australia houses the largest civil construction simulator centre in the Southern Hemisphere with over 25 simulators representing excavators, loaders, dump truck, grader, dozers and scrapers.

Repeated rehearsal of procedures improves performance, saving countless lives as well as assets. Also, training individuals before allowing them to use actual equipment improves the safety of the individuals undergoing training, the participants around them and the safety of the actual equipment. 

All qualification learners enrolled at Civil Train SA have the opportunity to use the simulators at no extra cost either to practise specific tasks or build up their machine hours.  Even if they do not have plant within their training plan,  they have the opportunity to get a taster of the work of a plant operator with a simulator experience.


The range of simulators available

The Civil Train suite includes a range of simulators, including:

Interested? Why not enquire about our simulator experience and give it a test ride to see what you think?